Input and Resources

Input and Resources

The Initiative fosters conceptual understanding and framing for the loss and damage debate and gives relevant policy guidance – from specific outputs on the UNFCCC work to broader efforts around the loss and damage agenda. The Initiative also features research on the legal aspects of loss and damage.
Case Study Pic: Burkina Faso
Case Study

Burkina Faso: Loss of pastoral livelihood

Extreme droughts in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso are severely disrupting the lives of local people who depend on the land for livestock keeping and crop cultivation. >> more
Loss and Damage
Blog Post

Loss and Damage: From Defining to Understanding to Action

by Kashmala Kakakhel, CDKN Project Manager

"... It is widely accepted that existing mitigation commitments and actions will not prevent dangerous climate change related impacts. Therefore, residual loss and damage, the climate change impacts that we are unable to prevent through mitigation and adaptation efforts, will likely be the defining part of the future response to climate change. ..." >> more
Cover Loss & Damage: The theme of slow onset impact

Loss & Damage: The theme of slow onset impact

This policy briefing sets out a number of the issues relating to the slow onset portion of the climate change loss and damage agenda. It is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis of this new and sometimes complex subject. Instead, it should serve to introduce... >> more
Cover Framing the Loss and Damage dabate

Framing the Loss and Damage debate

A conversation starter by the Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative, Advance version

This document outlines initial thoughts by the ‘Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative’ to provide some conceptual and framing input into the loss and damage negotiations under the UNFCCC. Given both the preliminary nature of these discussions... >> more
Brochure Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative

Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative

Adverse Impacts of Climate Change

The Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative is focussing on: >> more
Cover an Evaluation of the legal...
Executive Summary

An evaluation of the legal and institutional context for establishing a mechanism to address and redress loss and damage in the national context of Bangladesh

- Draft -

There is now no serious scientific dispute about the cause and consequence of climate change. Although mitigation and adaptation approaches have been agreed upon under the UNFCCC process to deal with the cause and consequences of climate change, because of inadequate efforts the adverse impacts of climate change will with high likelihood cause harm to the lives and livelihoods of millions of people all over the world and inflict large economic losses. As such recently Parties to the UNFCCC agreed to address the need for enhanced understanding of what loss and damage means and how it can be addressed through the establishment of a work programme. >> more
Cover From Perceptiom to Action
Executive Summary

From Perception to Action: Understanding Loss and Damage Due to Climate Change in Bangladesh

- Draft -

Climate change is impacting many countries in diverse ways. Most are already suffering due to temperature and climatic event extremes including increased frequency and intensities of floods, cyclones, rising sea levels and salinity levels and drought. All of these climate change impacts are causing various kinds of loss and damage such as damage to standing crops and the loss of real and potential crop output threatening food security, causing widespread health problems, increasing morbidity as well as mortality and resulting in the loss of infrastructure and industrial output among other impacts. >> more
Loss and Damage
Blog Post

Blog on the regional expert meeting on loss and damage, Mexico City

From 23 to 25 July, the second regional expert meeting on loss and damage under this year´s UNFCCC work programme took place in Mexico City. Its aim was to increase the understanding of a range of approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change. While the first expert meeting took place in Addis Abeba... >> more
Cover Analysis: Loss & damage related outcomes of COP 17 in Durban

Analysis: Loss & damage related outcomes of COP 17 in Durban

Decision 7/CP.17: A way forward on loss and damage

At COP17 in Durban, South Africa, negotiators were able to reach consensus on elements of the SBI Work Program on Loss and Damage which was established at COP16, for the period from COP17 to COP18 (2012). >> more