Measuring What Matters?


Measuring What Matters?

A Suitability Analysis of Loss and Damage Databases for the Climate Change Convention Process

Cover Measuring what matters

Disaster loss estimates are invaluable in gauging levels of resilience, vulnerability and exposure. Losses reveal more than damage by pointing at underlying conditions that make people and places vulnerable. Loss and damage databases are the gatekeepers to loss and damage data. These databases collect, consolidate, and manage loss data in a central repository that is quickly and easily accessible by the public. Not surprisingly, the number of national databases has significantly increased over the past decades reflecting the need and relevance of tracking disaster impacts. At present, there are 42 loss and damage databases at the national or regional level – 75 percent of which utilize the DesInventar data management approach. Although loss and damage databases are an assets to the climate change community, though, they require some modifications to enhance their utility. Seven actionable activities are proposed to build on the current structure of existing loss and damage databases.

Melanie Gall, Sönke Kreft
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